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(c) 2004-2007 Marcin 'Eru' Żukowski

About Lepix

Lepix is a painting program for Atari XL/XE.
Its main task is to provide a common infrastructure and user interface for various graphic modes.
Lepix project additionally includes Lepicon, a program for PC that allows convertion of .bmp files into Atari formats.

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2007.05.12 - Lepix 0.2.0 released!
After a looong silence, a new version is available here!

Major changes:
- added TIP module
- added undo (U) and redo (R) options
Minor changes:
- fixed color picking in HIP
- fixed 'ghost cursor' and zoomed-cursor problems
- fixed the first line display in HIP and CIN
- experimental mouse support (both Amiga and AtariST), 
  doesn't really work
- added new cursor shapes
- README Atari-readable in .atr

2005.05.23 - Lepicon is born!
I developed a small tool to experiment with new graphic modes. It allows automatic generation of .xex files from .bmp files. You can download it from the lepix sourceforge page

2005.01.03 - MADS has its own website
MADS assembler is now available at http://g2f.atari8.info/mads (polish only).
Note, that due to lack of time Lepix wasn't tested with the most recent version.

2004.12.18 - Lepix 0.1.0 released!
First Sourceforge release of Lepix is here! You can download it from the project's files section


- added HIP module
- project hosted on sourceforge.net
- multiple changes to increase speed and stability
- name changed from LEPIX to LePix :)
- zoom mode: displays markers around the zoomed area
- wider 'chosen-color' marker
- added various cursor shapes, changed with 'C'
- displays version number in menu
- uses memory under ROM -> larger ZOOM :)
- reset doesn't destroy image content
- some minor changes and fixes

2004.12.12 - Lepix becomes open-source
Today Lepix has been released under GPL license and became Sourceforge project. More details in the Sourceforge section

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Q: What do I need to compile Lepix?
A: Lepix is written using MADS assembler by Tomasz 'TeBe' Biela. MADS is available here.

Q: What graphic modes does Lepix currently support?
A: MIC (Graphics 15, 160x200. 4 colors), INP (160x200, 7 colors), CIN (160x200, 16 tones * 4 brightnesses), HIP (160x200, 16 brightnesses), TIP (160x100, 16 tones * 16 brightnesses),

Q: What graphic modes are considered for the future?
A: RIP (160x200, colors hard to describe), GR8 (320x200, 2 colors), IN8 (320x200, 3 colors), HR2 (320x200, 5 colors), and possibly some new modes :). The hi-res (320x200) modes would require some serious changes to the Lepix infrastructure (e.g. cursor couldn't be just sprite-based anymore). That means, I will do it only if there is enough users demand.

Q: Will there be mouse support?
A: The experimental support is here. However, it is far from perfect. Problem is, the Amiga and Atari ST mouses have very (very!) small resolution, resulting in a need for frequent checks. It is hard to do with some graphic modes, as they leave very little CPU time. If you know a nice way to read mouse e.g. once every frame, please let me know.

Q: Can I modify Lepix sources
A: Lepix is released under GPL. That means you can modify the sources but the project has to stay GPL. More details in LICENSE file in the CVS repository and releases.

Q: How can I help Lepix project
A: You may submit patches for the sources, send me more example pictures, and simply use it. If you want to become official Lepix developer, contact me.

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SourceForge.net Logo


Lepix is hosted at the Sourceforge (www.sourceforge.net).

The link to main project's website is http://sourceforge.net/projects/lepix

On that website you can download both sources and binary releases, access CVS, submit bugs, patches and feature requests and so on.

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MIC pictures

"Fight" by Dracon/Taquart

"Fight" in zoom mode

INP pictures

"Lodos" by Replay/BitBusters

"Lodos" in zoom mode

CIN pictures

"Dedykacja" by Anj/Tristesse

"Dedykacja" in zoom mode

HIP pictures

"Imagine" by BeWu/Grayscale

"Imagine" in zoom mode

TIP pictures

"Resting by BeWu/Grayscale"

"Resting" in zoom mode

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To contact me, write to eru at scene dot pl

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